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Our history

Ulap design is much more than a brand.
Officially born in 2017, Ulap had been germinating in the minds of Cris Tumedei and Andrea Pregl (the co-founders of the company) for some time. In fact, when the Ulap design company was born, naming and logo already existed, as well as some active projects.

Our meeting dates back to a few years earlier. We soon realized we were kindred minds and spirits. So we started to walk our path together, both in private and in professional life.

We are two people who, together, have decided to (re)take control of their lives, giving space to a sustainable lifestyle that is attentive to the community.

Basically, when we met we decided to find a way to give shape to our vision: a business model capable of reconciling professional ambition, private life and commitment to the community and the Planet. Ulap was the unique and possible answer.

So, we have joined our forces and skills to create an ethical and sustainable company project to promote the slow philosophy.

A lot of people complain about stress, hectic life, commuting, city smog, the impossibility of returning to work after the birth of a child, the difficulty of reconciling family and business and so on.

In short, we are the demonstration that it is possible to choose another – slow – path and follow it, without giving up one’s own values and making every day the perfect representation of how we would like to live (always remaining flexible and adaptable to the unexpected, of course) and of the concrete contribution that we want to leave to the planet and to the creatures that inhabit it.

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Press releases

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