Ulap design in the spotlight of Casa Facile – May 2024

We are pleased to announce that Ulap Design has stepped into the spotlight of the world of interior design, finding a prestigious showcase in the monthly print magazine Casa Facile in its May 2024 issue.

Our Unahi 1.0 natural suspension lamp was selected by the journalist Deborah Piana Agostinetti for the “What’s new” column, a segment dedicated to the latest news in the lighting and furniture sector.

The description provided by the journalist testifies to the originality and visual impact of our creations:

“Like luminous works of art to hang from the ceiling, thanks to their shapes they certainly don’t go unnoticed! They are all rigorously made of natural wood and made of elements – bands, strips, prisms and cones – which intertwine with each other and overlap, at the service of an alternative way of lighting that creates lights and shadows on the surfaces”.

For the founders of Ulap design, Cris Tumedei and Andrea Pregl, the presence on Casa Facile represents an important recognition of the path undertaken by the brand.

Cris Tumedei, CEO and Business Strategist of Ulap design, shares his enthusiasm:

“Knowing that we have been selected among the sculpture lamps, together with other brands whose enormous value we recognize, is a source of great satisfaction for us. We know we have taken an unusual path. After years of constant commitment, sacrifices and continuous innovation in the name of sustainability we can say that Ulap is a slow design brand capable of proposing solutions rich in values, but at the same time with an absolutely contemporary appeal”.

Andrea Pregl, co-founder and designer of Ulap, also expresses his gratitude and satisfaction:

“The emotion of seeing the fruit of one’s creativity in a magazine like Casa Facile is strong. A recognition that gratifies us, because it represents the demonstration of how work and commitment – if guided by strong ethical principles – can translate into powerful actions. As a designer I am absolutely satisfied with the path undertaken so far in Ulap design. I certainly know that we will continue to go ahead of the curve here”.

This selection on Casa Facile not only testifies to the success and relevance of Ulap design creations in the interior design panorama, but also confirms our commitment to sustainable innovation and quality design. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing additional projects and successes with our ever-growing and passionate audience.

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