Ulap design reforestation program with Tree Nation

Ulap design: together with Tree Nation for environmental sustainability

Ulap design, an Italian company that embraces the philosophy of slow design, announces its partnership with tree nation. A synergy aimed at supporting reforestation and promoting the fight against climate change. A tangible sign of its continuous commitment to environmental sustainability.

As a company, we firmly believe that sustainability should be more than a mere expression of intent. A tangible practice that permeates every aspect of our work. Our commitment to a greener future is not limited to words, but translates into concrete and meaningful actions.

Ulap design reforestation program with Tree Nation

Ulap design has always been dedicated to the design and production of Eco-Friendly and Made in Italy products, with a Slow Design approach. Sustainability is in our DNA and is reflected in every phase of our production process. However, we want to do more. We want to be a driver of positive change in the world.

For this reason, we have identified four key objectives of the 2030 Agenda that particularly resonate with our values ​​and that we pursue daily:

  • Objective 4 – Education

We believe education is critical to meaningful change. For this reason, we invest in raising awareness among our customers and the community on the importance of environmental sustainability.

  • Objective 12 – Responsible consumption and production

We have developed a responsible production system that minimizes waste and eliminates warehouse stock. Furthermore, we promote a more sustainable approach to consumption through the awareness of our customers.

Objective 13 – Fight against climate change

We organize our activities based on pre-orders, thus reducing energy consumption to a minimum and exploiting natural energy sources, such as the sun’s heat, during the production phases.

  • Objective 15 – Life on earth

We are committed to preserving biodiversity and contributing to reforestation through our partnership with Tree Nation.

In collaboration with Tree Nation, the world’s largest reforestation platform, we have implemented a reforestation program to offset the CO2 emissions generated by our website and operations. Every tree planted represents a step forward in our mission for a more sustainable future.

CO2 emissions compensation with Tree Nation

You can visit our Tree Nation Forest to see what we do and what the impact of our actions is. Through this platform, we demonstrate our tangible commitment to environmental sustainability.

We have a precise plan for the collaboration with Tree Nation which, every year, will see us increasingly determined in increasing our commitment. The key to success will be sustainability: we do not set ourselves unattainable goals, but concrete ones. Because great revolutions have always been the result of small, fundamental actions of change. And we want to do our part.

Tree Nation offers simple, accessible solutions to offset carbon footprints, allowing anyone to help fight climate change with a simple click. We are proud to join them in this important initiative.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond greenwashing. We are determined to do our part to create a better world for future generations and invite all our customers, partners and stakeholders to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Quote from Maxime Renaudin, founder of Tree Nation

“Our generation is facing the most dramatic and revolutionary threat ever encountered by any human civilization. It becomes obvious that we should not stand still while we witness the irreparable destruction of our ecosystems. There are dozens of changes in our habits that we urgently need to undertake. However, since we live mainly in urban environments, we often forget our indirect impact on Nature and in particular on forest ecosystems. Yet deforestation contributes approximately 17% to climate change”.

Testimony from Cris Tumedei, CEO and Business Strategist of Ulap design

“Sustainability at Ulap is a serious commitment that has been part of the brand’s DNA since its origins. Our main business objective, our mission, is to spread and promote slow philosophy on multiple levels and areas of life. We do it every day, both in private life and at work. The partnership with Tree Nation, and the related commitment document that we have drawn up and signed internally, constitutes a fundamental pillar of our sustainability strategy. Small, concrete steps to make our contribution to the Planet”.

Testimony from Andrea Pregl, co-founder and designer of Ulap

“Planting trees is a habit that also accompanies us in our private lives. We do it, as citizens, on our territory. For this reason, we decided to bring this good practice to business too. The objective, in this case, is more ambitious and only thanks to the partnership with Tree Nation will we be able to achieve it. What matters, at the end of the day, is knowing that our work helps us leave a deep and concrete impact that goes beyond mere commercial dynamics”.

about Ulap design

Ulap design is a Trentino company that offers Eco-Friendly, Made in Italy and Slow Design objects.

Committed since its inception in promoting the slow philosophy through its products, with the aim of stimulating a change towards a more sustainable lifestyle, Ulap has specialized in lighting and home decor by offering objects capable of inspiring user and bring him closer to nature.

About Tree Nation

Tree-Nation allows citizens and companies to plant trees around the world and offset CO2 emissions.

Our mission is to reforest the world by planting trees, one of the most effective solutions to fight Climate Change. By planting trees, we help reforest forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity. We use technology to make reforestation simple. Since we started in 2006, more than 590,000 users and over 15,700 businesses have planted more than 30 million trees using our platform.

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