Eco lovers

the principles of good design according to ulap

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”.
- Paulo Coelho

The future of eco-friendly living is now.

We love and respect nature, protecting the environment throughout the process of creating our products. From raw materials to ethical consumption. We always choose natural and recyclable materials.

But not only.

The use of sustainable raw materials is just a small part of our commitment.

In fact, to be sure of the sustainability of Ulap design products, we have developed a series of procedures and best practices that revolve around the 3 key values of the brand: Eco-Friendly, Made in Italy, Slow Design.

So, eco-sustainability is extended to the management of the “end of life” of the product when it becomes waste. We choose to use only natural raw materials to allow our products to expand and evolve, going beyond their mere function. We create each object without the use of small metal parts or components that could prove difficult to dispose of.

We have chosen Valle di Ledro, in Trentino – Italy, as the location for our business. Country of birth for Andrea, and of adoption for Cris, Ledro with its lake, mountains and woods allows us to live and work every day in close contact with nature. This is where we grow our company, Ulap, and our daughters, The Three Storm Sisters.

This is where nature teaches us that the end is only apparent. That the bark of a trunk, after falling to the ground, becomes fertilizer for the soil and food for insects.

This is where we have the certain proof that everything we produce and consume can, and must, have a new life.

This is the case for our products, entirely made of wood, and for the packaging, made exclusively of paper and/or cardboard and if possible convertible into new objects, with the active intervention – the experience – of the customer.

Another important aspect is the choice of partners. In Ulap we base the relationship with suppliers on two main assets: proximity and relationship. All our partners are able to certify the quality and origin of the raw materials

Sustainable Practices


Slow, careful and projected towards the future of the product.
Thanks to an innovative system developed by us, we are able to simulate the finished product exactly and test it even before its creation. Thus, we move on to prototyping only when the design object is ready to come to life.


Always and only with low environmental impact.
We choose easily recyclable and certified raw materials to ensure full respect for the environment.


We design objects that are easy to disassemble.
This makes it easier to dispose of and recycle them properly.


Local and neighbours.
We rely on carefully selected suppliers. With them we create a partnership made possible by sharing values and a growth project to be carried out together.

We are always here to answer commercial requests, questions and curiosities about Ulap world and our Made in Italy products.

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