MÖKKI by ulap design collection

MÖKKI by Ulap design collection

The design that does not give up taking care of nature

The MÖKKI collection by Ulap design includes Made in Italy feeders and houses for birds and insects, made with a process that enhances craftsmanship and respect for the environment. Produced in birch plywood from safe/certified sources, they are finished by hand with a special vegetable oil.

Ideal for gardens and green spaces, MÖKKI feeders and houses not only decorate but offer shelter and nourishment to local fauna. Following the philosophy of slow design, each piece is unique and of high quality, created with care and dedication, in full compliance with eco-friendly principles.

Main features

  • Sustainable materials: made of birch plywood and treated with vegetable oil.
  • Craftsmanship: each piece is worked and finished by hand, guaranteeing uniqueness and high quality.
  • Functionality and design: They provide safe haven for birds and insects, contributing to biodiversity in your green spaces.
  • Natural aesthetics: design that integrates harmoniously with the external environment, adding a touch of beauty and functionality.

Why choose MÖKKI by Ulap design?

By purchasing a MÖKKI object, you are making a concrete gesture to preserve biodiversity. Each pack includes an information booklet that answers key questions and a dedicated website offers further information to help you reach your goal.

You will find usage tips for feeders and houses, suggestions for creating gardens and green spaces that promote biodiversity, and detailed information on the main species of birds, insects and plants.


MÖKKI collection by ulap

little homes * big friends

MÖKKI – Triangular Bird House

MÖKKI – Triangular Bird Feeder

MÖKKI – Hexagonal Bird House


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