Ulap design presents the new Unahi 2.2 table lamp

Ulap design, an Italian company that embraces the philosophy of slow design, is pleased to present its latest work: the Unahi 2.2 table lamp.

The Unahi 2.2 table lamp represents an elegant combination of light, design and nature. Every detail of this lamp was designed to recreate the enchantment of the play of light that moves among the trees, bringing the tranquility and harmony of nature directly into the homes of those who own it.

The Unahi collection: unique and sustainable design

The Unahi 2.2 table lamp is part of the Unahi collection by Ulap design. Featuring a unique and sustainable design, the Unahi collection offers a variety of lamps that reflect the essence of nature. Made with quality materials, each lamp is the result of an artisanal process that rewards craftsmanship and respect for the environment. The production process follows the slow design philosophy, guaranteeing attention to detail and uncompromising quality.

Unahi 2.2: illuminate with the essence of nature

The Unahi 2.2 lamp is a true work of art. It arrives already assembled, ready to illuminate and decorate the interior. With an unconventional design and generous dimensions, it stands out for its versatility. Perfect as a table centerpiece or placed on the floor, it adds a touch of elegance and unique style to any environment. Its highly decorative character is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance environments by using light.

Quality materials and craftsmanship: the signature of Ulap design

Made with birch plywood from safe and certified sources, and made up of 92 pieces all worked, finished and assembled by hand, the Unahi 2.2 lamp represents the perfect combination of quality and craftsmanship. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision, guaranteeing the highest quality of Ulap design brand products.

A manual control, one by one, of the components that allows the creation of design objects that do not give up the quality of the unique piece.

Brand Values ​​and Philosophy

Ulap design is committed to promoting quality, passion and sustainability in every phase of the work. With the Unahi 2.2 lamp the aim is to offer customers not only a product of exceptional design, but also an experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and Italian craftsmanship.

This table lamp, like all the others in the Unahi collection, is also designed following the principles of slow design. This means that the Trentino company dedicated ample time and space to design before arriving at prototyping.

The attention of Ulap designer, Andrea Pregl, was not only focused on the product but also on its end of life. This principle of slow design, in fact, allows him to create truly sustainable products. Worrying about how a lamp will be disassembled and, therefore, recycled is essential to reducing its environmental impact.

Market Launch and Special Offer

On March 13th at 2PM CET, Ulap design will host a live broadcast on Instagram (@ulapdesign) to present the lamp to the public.
Then to celebrate the launch of the Unahi 2.2 lamp, Ulap design will offer an exclusive promotion: for 14 days, until midnight on Wednesday 27 March, the table lamp will be available with a 40% discount on all major online marketplaces. To purchase it, simply visit the dedicated page and find your favorite store or contact the company. Products ordered during the promotion period will be ready for shipping by May 15th.

With the Unahi 2.2 table lamp, Ulap design continues to advance its mission of promoting beauty, quality and sustainability in the world of design.

“Join us and let the natural light of the Unahi 2.2 lamp illuminate your space with elegance and style”.

“With this new lamp we are closing a circle. The concept of the Unahi 2.0, with its aesthetic very similar to a bud, becomes more complete. Now we have the suspension, the wall lamp and the table lamp. This allows us to offer customers greater choice and the possibility of inserting nature's lights into their spaces. Without forgetting that the idea of ​​the free-standing version of this lamp was born precisely from listening to customer requests. The public has been clamoring for a tabletop version and we have decided to embrace this request”.
Cris Tumedei
co-founder and Business Strategist of Ulap design
“Walking in the forests of our area, we noticed how the play of light that filters into the woods is the element that most characterizes the experience. Knowing that contact with nature improves people's well-being, we decided to bring the play of light that nature creates in woods and forests into the spaces. The Unahi 2.2 table lamp immediately amazed and fascinated us. This version, in fact, reproduces the play of light typical of the woods in an exaggerated way - more than any other lamp in the Unahi collection. For this reason, the Unahi 2.2 becomes a true decorative light point. Splendid if placed on a shelf, but equally impactful if placed on the floor. Certainly, for now, the Unahi 2.2 table lamp. it's our favorite of the collection”.
Andrea Pregl
co-founder and Designer of Ulap
1344 896 Ulap
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