Unahi by ulap design collection

Unahi by Ulap design collection

The design that does not give up being a unique piece

All the lamps in the Unahi collection by Ulap design are made following a process that rewards craftsmanship and respect for the environment. Produced in birch plywood, they are finished and assembled by hand one by one and then treated with a special vegetable oil-wax. In the ebony and bicolor versions, the lamps are ebonized by hand with a special ebony-colored mordant.

The production process of Unahi lamps follows the philosophy of slow design, providing ample space for manual processing.

Time, care and craftsmanship combine to make these objects real one-of-a-kind high quality pieces.

unahi collection by ulap

as nature illuminates

Unahi 3.0 – lamp in natural wood

Unahi 3.0 – lamp in ebony wood

Unahi 2.1 – lamp in ebony wood

Unahi 2.1 – lamp in natural wood

Unahi 2.0 – lamp in ebony wood

Unahi 2.0 – lamp in natural wood

Unahi 1.0 – bicolor wooden lamp

Unahi 1.0 – lamp in ebony wood

UNAHI 1.0 – lamp in natural wood

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