slow lovers

the principles of good design according to ulap

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.
- Lao Tzu

The future of slow design is now.

Today more than ever we need responsible people who inhabit our world with awareness, respect and faith in the future. Various dimensions coexist in the Ulap ecosystem which, together, allow us to stimulate our community to embrace change and experience the world with awareness.

Ulap design is a slow design, eco-friendly and Made in Italy brand. In Ulap design we take care of designing and producing design objects that offer experiences. In fact, by following a slow ethic, we are not only able to create unique and quality products by focusing on natural and environmentally friendly raw materials, but we also focus on giving life to objects that bring with them the values ​​shared by those who buy them. Each customer becomes part of the Ulap design community, choosing slow design products that become a concrete source of inspiration to stimulate change. In Ulap, slow design translates into 3 main dynamics:

  • responsible production
  • objects as experiences
  • natural raw materials

The purpose of all this?

Doing what is in our power to leave to others, and to our daughters (The Three Storm Sisters), a better world. And, one step at a time, we continue to go beyond the curve.

Slow Design principles


Slow design reveals experiences in everyday life that are often lost or forgotten, also considering and valuing the materials and processes that can be overlooked in the existence of a product or during its creation.


Slow design considers the actual and potential expressions of artifacts as well as the environments that lie beyond their perceived functionality, physical attributes and durability.


Slow design leads to contemplation and thoughtful consumption.


Slow design processes are collaborative, based on sharing, cooperation and transparency of information to ensure that creations can continue to evolve in the future.


Slow design encourages people to actively participate in the design process, embracing the idea of ​​conviviality and exchange useful for promoting social responsibility and the improvement of society.


Slow design recognizes that richer experiences can arise only from the dynamic maturation of artifacts, environments and systems over time. Looking beyond the current needs and circumstances of the present, slow design products are agents of change (even of behaviors).

slow design builds relationships

Dialogue with the customer is essential for us.

Ulap branded products, as they follow the principles of slow design, are designed and conceived for an active customer experience.

We always provide advice on the correct disposal of products. In addition to reuse ideas and advice for the correct (natural) maintenance of Ulap design objects, we have a customer assistance service available to provide suggestions for all product life stages: from installation to disposal.

Finally, in the instructions, we always illustrate how to correctly manage the end-of-life phase of an object (suggesting that we respect the principle of circularity of nature, therefore preferring the reuse of components, recycling or disposal only as a last resort).

Furthermore, we have decided to treat each of our customers in the proper way. When an item not available in stock (and close to entering the production cycle) is ordered, the customer begins to receive periodic updates on the life of his product. From the photo of the raw wood, through images or mini-videos of the various production steps, up to the packaging.

In this way customers enter the company, understand (and help us to spread) the slow culture since we involve them in every step (not just during the mere act of purchasing).

We are always here to answer commercial requests, questions and curiosities about Ulap world and our Made in Italy products.

Write us a message. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Promise!