Ulap design and MADE++: A Collaboration in the Field of Design and Training

Ulap design, the Italian company that embraces the slow design philosophy, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the MADE++ high school in Rovereto through participation in the #escileidee contest in the 2023/2024 school year.

The main objective of this collaboration is the challenge launched by Ulap design to the students of class IIIA of MADE++, engaged in the creation of LOFTI – Smart Air Advisor. It is an intelligent piece of furniture which, by applying the principles of design thinking and slow design, provides real-time information on external weather conditions and analyzes internal air quality, offering useful indications and advice to raise users’ awareness of discover how closely the health of the planet is connected to your own.

School and business: a win-win collaboration

Key Benefits for Students and Ulap design

Ulap design, which has always been committed to promoting the slow philosophy on multiple levels and areas of life, extends its commitment to the community by collaborating with future Trentino manufacturer designers. The partnership includes not only the design challenge, but also training support with a seminar dedicated to slow design and support/coaching during the school year.

Students thus have the opportunity to test themselves on a real project commissioned by a company, significantly enriching their educational path.

The #escileidee Contest

The #escileidee contest is an initiative organized by MADE++ to stimulate students to work on concrete projects.
The students, divided into working groups, carry out the project during the year thanks to the support of teachers and company representatives, including Cris Tumedei and Andrea Pregl for Ulap design. The final event includes the presentation of the works and the awarding of the best projects.

“Go beyond simple promises and make a concrete commitment every day. This is our mission”. Cris Tumedei, CEO of Ulap design, states this and continues: “When MADE++ contacted us, through Professor Sara Previsdomini, we were really happy. Receiving a collaboration proposal from the reference center for manufacturing design training in our area meant a lot to us. For this reason, we did not miss the opportunity to put our knowledge into circulation – as we already do – for the benefit of young Trentino people. A unique satisfaction, which allows us to give even more concrete shape to our corporate vision”.


Shared Values: Training, Innovation, Growth and Support for Young People

This collaboration is guided by the shared values ​​of training, innovation, growth and support for young people for a future that is already today.

“At Ulap design we also love to engage in the field of training. The exchange that occurs in the classroom is priceless: a source of concrete inspiration from us to them, but also – and above all – from them to us”.
This is the opinion of Andrea Pregl, co-founder and designer of Ulap, who continues: “We firmly believe in the power of contamination, in curiosity, in openness. Young people are an excellent mirror on the future, a lens that allows the designer to understand and observe the world with new eyes. This is also why the collaboration with MADE++ is a breath of fresh air for us: a stimulus to put experiences, knowledge and passions into circulation”.

Ulap design and MADE++ are committed to offering students a complete and stimulating educational experience.

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