Mhūka forest – The Moose

The Moose is part of Mhūka Forest: a series of design furnishing accessories with a minimal and captivating aesthetic.

A versatile solution, designed for those who want to furnish interiors with taste without sacrificing fun and awareness.

This object, with a minimal shape, is designed to fit into dynamic environments, where the need for decoration combines with the functional aesthetics of a product entirely Made in Italy.

product details


SIZES: 28 cm (height), 9,5 cm (width), 27 cm (depth)

WEIGHT: 0.119 kg (119 grams)


The Mhūka Forest The Moose package contains:

  • all parts of the animal
  • booklet with the presentation of the animal and its symbolic/totemic meaning and assembly instructions

What is it for

Mhūka Forest The Moose is a perfect furnishing accessory for decorating environments, giving a minimal and unconventional style.

The versatility of this design object is given by the possibility of purchasing a single animal, or more than one. In the second case, it is possible to mix the animal pieces – as if they were a puzzle – to obtain new fantastic creatures.

It will thus be possible to obtain a unique and impactful object, without sacrificing the quality of a Made in Italy design.

Mhūka is not just a design object.

Designed following the slow philosophy, Mhūka Forest The Moose offers you the opportunity to get closer to conscious consumption.

In fact, you will discover something more about its symbolic and totemic meaning, inviting you to reflect on your personal growth path and your relationship with nature.

How I use it

Mhūka Forest The Moose is a forest animal for home décor, which transforms into a design complement, conceived to meet different furnishing needs.

Ideal for domestic spaces, it can be used to decorate any space in the house: from the living area to the bedrooms, without forgetting bookcases and studies.

The captivating and clean design of Mhūka Forest The Moose also makes this design object perfect for embellishing work environments and the spaces of accommodation facilities (such as bars, trendy clubs, restaurants and hotels).

Mhūka’s watchword is fun.

By purchasing the entire set or as many animals as you like, you can combine them to create new and fantastic creatures.

Discover your guide animal with Mhūka by Ulap design

A design solution that offers an all-round consumer experience, giving you the chance to discover the symbolic and totemic meaning of each creature, getting closer to your guide animal.

How we made it

Mhūka Forest The Moose is entirely Made in Italy together with our artisans who apply innovative manufacturing techniques, respecting ancient knowledge. The materials used for the production of furnishing accessories come from safe sources, so as to respect the environment.

Mhūka, in the finished version, is made by laser carving with birch plywood (4mm thick). The product is then finished with a special vegetable oil.

more about the product

EASY AND FUN TO ASSEMBLE: the product arrives disassembled. In the package you will find detailed instructions and, if you buy more animals, you can have fun mixing them together to create new fantastic creatures. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

UNIQUE AND SPECIAL: the product is made of birch plywood. It is then finished and assembled by hand and then treated with a special vegetable oil. You are not choosing a mass-produced item, but the result of careful work that combines design and artisan tradition.

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: each Ulap product is made with environmentally friendly and easily disassembled materials, so as to ensure that they can be disposed of correctly.

Mhuka Forest – The Moose – Home décor in natural wood

Let’s have fun together with Mhūka by Ulap design!

Once you have made your purchase you can have fun creating your Mhūka animal and – if you want – mixing it with the other members of the set, creating the craziest pack in the world.

When your project is completed, share your creations on social media using the hashtag #mymhuka and mentioning @ulapdesign. This way we can see how you will have used our Made in Italy design project. And to thank you we will send you a FREE surprise.