MÖKKI – hexagonal wooden Bird House

MÖKKI – Hexagonal Birdhouse by Ulap design is a birdhouse with an eclectic and minimalist design. Ideal for gardens and green spaces, this house offers a safe haven for birds, enriching the natural environment with a touch of originality.

Much more than a simple Made in Italy outdoor accessory

The products in the MÖKKI by Ulap design collection allow you to take concrete actions to protect biodiversity. In fact, with these eco-friendly houses and feeders you support local fauna and you are committed to helping the ecosystem stay in balance. To do this, we don’t just provide you with an outdoor furniture product.

By purchasing a product from the MÖKKI collection by Ulap design, in fact, you have access to a website entirely dedicated to the protection of biodiversity with advice and ideas for taking care of birds, insects and local plants with the help of houses and feeders.

What are you waiting for? Help us protect biodiversity.

product details

MATERIALS: birch plywood from safe/certified sources, vegetable oil, water-based outdoor enamel (only for colored products), brass hole covers on the bottom shelf

SIZES: 40 cm (height), 31 cm (width), 25 cm (depth)

WEIGHT: 1.68 kg

ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% recyclable, without the use of small metal parts, assembled with black straps

VERSATILITY: hang it from a branch with the straps or from various surfaces with the stand / house holder (sold separately)

CONTENTS OF MÖKKI – hexagonal wooden Bird House

  • 1 MÖKKI Hexagonal Birdhouse (all parts in wood)
  • 2 black straps
  • 1 beech wood support / house holder and orange strap (if purchased separately)
  • 1 information booklet with instructions and advice

With MÖKKI – hexagonal Bird House by Ulap design, you add a functional design element to your garden and support biodiversity.

Functionality and Use

Integrated handle

Facilitates transportation, storage and repositioning.

two Ways of Use

Hang it with the straps or with the support / house holder.

Easy to Store

The handle allows it to be attached to a hook when not in use.

Why Choose MÖKKI – hexagonal Bird House?

By purchasing MÖKKI – Hexagonal Bird House, you are making a concrete gesture to preserve biodiversity. Each package includes an information booklet and access to a dedicated website with advice on how to use the house and create green spaces that promote biodiversity.

You will find detailed sheets on the main species of birds and insects, as well as plants that make your garden or balcony attractive to local fauna.

Become part of a community of people who love nature and want to take care of it.

Choose MÖKKI – hexagonal Birdhouse and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world

What is it for

MÖKKI – Hexagonal Birdhouse is designed to provide a safe and welcoming haven for birds in your garden or green space. This house not only provides a nesting place but also helps maintain ecological balance by promoting local biodiversity. MÖKKI – Hexagonal Bird House by Ulap design is a complement with an original and fun aesthetic for those who want to get closer to nature and support its conservation.

How I use it

MÖKKI – Hexagonal Bird House is extremely versatile and easy to use. In fact, you can:

  • Hang from a branch and/or stand: Use the built-in black straps for a simple and secure installation.
  • Hang it from various surfaces: Use the house holder (sold separately) to attach it to walls or other structures.

Maintenance: Clean the bird house regularly and check the straps to ensure they are secure. Thanks to the eco-friendly materials, maintenance is minimal and simple.

How we made it

MÖKKI – Hexagonal Birdhouse by Ulap design is made following rigorous standards of sustainability and craftsmanship:

  • Quality materials: We only use birch plywood from certified sources, guaranteeing durability and respect for the environment.
  • Natural finishes: Finished with vegetable oil and water-based outdoor enamels, MÖKKI – Hexagonal Birdhouse is completely safe for birds and the environment.
  • Metal-free assembly: The structure is held together by black straps, avoiding the use of small metal parts and facilitating recycling.

The result is a unique product, which combines design, functionality and ecological commitment, made to last over time and improve your green space.

Choose MÖKKI by Ulap design
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more about the product

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: the product arrives disassembled. In the package you will find detailed assembly instructions. You won’t need any tools, because the product is held together by the included straps.

UNIQUE AND SPECIAL: the product is made of birch plywood from safe and certified sources. It is then treated with a special vegetable oil. You are not choosing a mass-produced object, but the result of careful work that combines design and artisan tradition.

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: each Ulap product is made with environmentally friendly and easily disassembled materials, so as to guarantee the possibility of disposing of them correctly. 100% recyclable.