Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

Ulap design loves home decor and launches the restyling of the Mhūka collection

Ulap design is proud to present its new collection of eco-friendly and made in Italy design objects. The concept of the collection, strongly guided by slow design, is to bring people closer to nature in a playful and conscious manner. Sustainability and uniqueness of design characterize the 13 animals in the collection, already available online for purchase (both on the brand’s website and on those of authorized retailers).

Ulap design, an Italian company engaged in the slow design sector since 2017, announces the launch of the restyling of its Mhūka collection of furnishing accessories. On the basis of the consensus already obtained from the public, the company has decided to re-propose these home decor objects by focusing on the principles of slow design and on providing concrete answers to customers’ questions. This is how the Mhūka, simply fun collection was born.

All the products in the Mhūka by Ulap design collection are made, as usual, following a process that favors craftsmanship and respect for the environment. Produced in birch plywood, the furnishing accessories are then treated with a special vegetable oil-wax. The production process of Mhūka objects follows the philosophy of slow design, providing ample space for manual processing.

Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

The Mhūka by Ulap design home decor collection includes two sets of six animals each and a bonus series, which currently includes a creature among its ranks.

MHŪKA FOREST – This set contains 6 animals:

  • The Bear
  • The Boar
  • The Deer
  • The Moose
  • The Puma
  • The Wolf

MHŪKA JUNGLE – This set contains 6 animals:

  • The Crocodile
  • The Elephant
  • The Giraffe
  • The Lion
  • The Rhino
  • The Zebra

MHŪKA BONUS CREATURE – This set contains 1 animal:

  • The monster

“Going beyond the mere use of terms, offering users slow design solutions capable of conveying – in concrete terms – the meaning of the philosophy behind their design. Hence the restyling of the collection. A path that pushed us to decisively investigate the elements that would allow us to make it a solid vehicle for the slow philosophy”.Thus states Cris Tumedei, CEO of Ulap, who continues: “We asked ourselves: what underlies the learning process? Will the corrective ones make the collection capable of sensitizing the user, allowing him to go beyond the mere functionality of the objects? The answer didn’t take long to arrive: fun. This was supposed to be the direction of our restyling path”.

The Trentino company, in fact, has dedicated itself to a complex path of study and design. The design of the Mhūka furnishing accessories did not require revision. What was needed was work based on enhancing the principles of slow design.

“It was a process of close collaboration, which saw us engaged in an in-depth investigation. Inspire change, bring users closer to nature and push them to purchase products capable of stimulating reflection and conscious consumption. These are the challenges we have set ourselves. The solution emerged slowly, naturally.
Educate while having fun: this would have been the key.
Mhūka thus becomes a collection of eco-friendly and Made in Italy furnishing accessories that can be used to give life to fantastic creatures, but also to discover what your guide animal is”. This is the statement of Andrea Pregl, co-founder and designer of Ulap design.

The result is a collection of home decor objects that the end customer must assemble himself, also being able to choose to mix multiple animals together to give life to fantastic new creatures. The fun offered by Mhūka, however, does not end here because the Trentino company has also developed a test that helps the user discover his guide animal.

Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

The packaging of each product from the Mhūka by Ulap design collection, in fact, contains:

  • All parts of the animal
  • A booklet with the presentation of the creature and its symbolic / totemic meaning and assembly instructions

A collection of slow design furnishing accessories characterized by a minimal and original style. A combination that allows the Mhūka creatures by Ulap design to stand out for their educational character. Perfect for those looking for an impactful, natural and unconventional design, full of inspiration to grow and improve their connection with nature.

All Mhūka by Ulap design animals are already available for purchase by the public both on the brand’s website and on those of authorized retailers. Professional customers (e.g. shopkeepers, architects, interior designers, owners of accommodation facilities and so on) can contact the brand directly to access the B2B price lists and obtain personalized quotes.

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