UNAHI 2.0 – ebony

Unahi 2.0 is made up of 92 pieces of wood all worked, finished and assembled by hand with passion in Trentino.

A suspension lamp designed to provide a warm and welcoming point of light. Perfect for those looking for a minimalist yet unconventional design.

Available in 2 color variants: natural and ebony. Here you find it in the EBONY VERSION (ebony effect birch wood).

product details

MATERIALS: wood, fabric cable, metal lamp holder and rosette

SIZES: 40cm, 40cm, 35cm / cable length: 2m

WEIGHT: 2.5kg

a bud of light

light up your spaces with unahi 2.0

the ebony suspension lamp, in ebonized birch plywood


Have you ever observed a dewdrop hanging from a blade of grass? It is very similar to a “Hello” pronounced, softly, at the end of a long period of distance.
Its shape is welcoming: soft and delicate, it seems to want to hang on that unstable edge as much as possible, until falling to the ground it knows it will fulfill its destiny.

Observing the light that filters through the dew drops is magical. A kaleidoscope of flashes that change color without disturbing the eye.

We decided to bring the spectacle of nature into your spaces, with a suspension lamp that embodies the experience we have experienced many times when we wake up after a stormy night.

as nature illuminates

“It is to be reborn that we were born”.
– Pablo Neruda

more about the product

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: the lamp is sold already assembled and wired. All you need to do is connect it to the electrical system to bring the magic of natural light into your spaces.

UNIQUE AND SPECIAL: the lamp is made of birch plywood. It is then finished and assembled by hand and then treated with a special vegetable oil. In the ebony and two-tone versions, the lamp is ebonized by hand with a special ebony-colored mordant. You are not choosing a mass-produced product, but the result of careful work that combines design and artisan tradition.

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: each Ulap product is made with environmentally friendly and easily disassembled materials, so as to ensure that they can be disposed of correctly.

Unahi 2.0 – lamp in ebony wood