Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

Introducing Mhuka, the new Ulap design complement

Today we present the latest Made in Italy design product that we have launched: Mhuka, a series of furnishing accessories for the home décor with a unique animal theme. In fact, you choose whether to buy them finished or make them yourself with your favorite material and, then, how to compose them while having fun with these crazy animal puzzles.

Mhuka: what is the new Ulap design product

Mhuka is a series of unique and fun Made in Italy furnishing accessories.

Two series of animals (Forest and Jungle), each consisting of 6 members, which are made using the laser carving technique. The result is objects that you can use to decorate your home, but also to play because they turn into really hilarious animal puzzles.

In fact, the slogan of Mhuka is having fun: you can combine animals with each other, creating new and fantastic creatures. A design solution that offers an all-round consumption experience, giving you the opportunity to purchase the project, make it yourself and mix it while having fun.

Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

The strength (and innovation) of these design objects is given by the possibility to choose between the finished product and the purchase of the project, which everyone can achieve independently by choosing the technique and support they prefer, without giving up the quality of a Made in Italy design. In this way it will be possible to obtain a unique and impactful object at sustainable costs and enjoying the pleasure of realizing the preferred solution.

Ideal for domestic spaces, they can be used to decorate any space in the home: from the living area to the bedrooms, without forgetting bookshops and studios.

The captivating and clean design of Mhuka makes this series of objects of perfect design also to embellish the work environments and spaces of accommodation facilities (such as bars, trendy clubs, restaurants and hotels).

Mhuka: how this Made in Italy design object is made

Andrea Pregl, Ulap designer, has created Mhuka with the intention of creating furnishing accessories that combine sustainability and quality. To spread the Made in Italy design culture, he designed these objects that can be purchased finished, or as DIY projects to be carried out independently. A real innovation in the sector, which allows you to create a community of passionate makers who, thanks to Mhuka, do not renounce the creation of attractive and quality designs.

The digital version of Mhuka, in fact, consists of detailed instructions (both in Italian and English) and folders containing files (.svg and .pdf) ready to be used to make objects using laser-cut machines, jigsaws or with any technique you can think of on any type of support you prefer.

The product in the finished version, on the other hand, is made entirely in Italy by our artisans by means of laser carving with birch plywood (thickness 5mm).

Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap
Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap

Share the passion for Made in Italy design

When you have purchased one of the products you can have fun creating your Mhuka Forest and Jungle sets and mixing the forest and jungle members, creating the craziest pack in the world.

When your project is realized, we ask you to share the images of your creations on social networks using the hashtag #mymhuka and mentioning @ulapdesign. So we can see how you have used our Made in Italy design project and thank you for sharing your passion for Made in Italy design.

Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap
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Mhuka is a series of Made in Italy design objects by Ulap
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