Pirn is a wood wall light Made in Italy by Ulap design

Introducing Pirn, the wooden wall light by Ulap design

Today we present you one of our most successful Made in Italy design products: Pirn, a wooden wall light with clean lines and a perfect trend to create elegant light points in your home

Pirn: the wooden wall lamp by Ulap design

Pirn is a wall light with a natural and clean design. A versatile lamp, designed for those who want to furnish interiors with style.

An object with a minimal shape designed for dynamic environments, in which the need for a light point is combined with the functional aesthetics of a product entirely Made in Italy.

Designed according to the values ​​of Ulap, Pirn is made of wood by our expert craftsmen and can be installed easily, thanks to the detailed instructions contained in the package.

Pirn is a wood wall light Made in Italy by Ulap design

The versatility of this applique is given by the possibility to use the bulb that best suits your furnishing needs. In this way you can get a delicate light point or opt for an impact solution using a light bulb with a particular shape.

Ideal for domestic spaces, it can be used as a light in the living area or – by installing more lamps – as a decorative element to bring out walls and corridors.

Pirn’s versatile and clean design also makes it perfect for lighting work environments, both in the case of offices and accommodation facilities (such as bars, trendy clubs, restaurants and hotels).

To be used with LED and/or low consumption bulbs. Our advice is to opt for bulbs with a strong visual impact.

Pirn Walnut is a Made in Italy wall light by Ulap design

Pirn: how this Made in Italy design lamp is made

Andrea Pregl, Ulap designer, conceived Pirn with the intention of creating a lamp that respects Ulap values: naturalness, aesthetics and functionality. An experimentation path made possible by the curious nature of the Italian designer, who was able to find the right combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Pirn is a wooden wall lamp entirely made in Italy by applying innovative processing techniques, respecting ancient knowledge. The materials used for the production of the lamp come from safe sources, so as to respect the environment.

Pirn, in the Basic wooden wall light version, is available in various wood essences:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Beech
  • Walnut

Dimensions: 14.5 x 6 x 6 cmWeight: 0.200 kg

Pirn Cherry is a Made in Italy wall light by Ulap design

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