We opened a Ulap design shop on Etsy!

Why we sell Made in Italy design on Etsy

Today we tell you why we decided to open a shop on Etsy, where you can find our Made in Italy design objects. We’re back, after some time, telling you about the latest updates on our activity. Here’s what we did in Ulap design over the last year.

Selling Made in Italy design online: ideas and solutions

When we created Ulap one of the challenges we decided to tackle was to bring online a design company with a particular spirit. A combination of craftsmanship and modernity, which focuses on respect for nature and all Made in Italy quality in the design and construction of furnishings and accessories.

Selling Ulap design branded products online was not easy from the beginning, because we found ourselves faced with 2 different types of competitors: the big design companies, which focus on the industrialization of concepts with competitive prices and different materials from our own , and the small producers and artisans, who make products of various kinds in their laboratories while maintaining very competitive prices.

So how do we propose our products that, in addition to using high quality raw materials, are born from design paths with high quality standards, investing a lot in research and development?

Discover our Made in Italy design Shop on Etsy!

We have asked ourselves many questions, we have analyzed the market and competitors, we have tested various tools and, in the end, we have identified the channels on which to focus to get in touch with Made in Italy design enthusiasts.

The solution, as often happens in business, was before our eyes. [su_highlight background=”#46bee0″ color=”#ffffff”]We just had to have the courage to see it and give ourselves the freedom to make mistakes.[/su_highlight] We have therefore decided to open a shop on Etsywhich will become our online artisan boutique – and to keep our social profiles active.

Offline, on the other hand, many new features will involve us in the next 12 months: opening to the public of our laboratory, developing new products dedicated to our territory, important partnerships and continuous research.

The Ulap design shop on Etsy is born

Now you know the reasons that led us to create a Ulap design shop on Etsy. This is where you can buy our products online, but not only. In fact, in our shop on Etsy you will find:

  1. Ulap design products in the catalog
  2. Made in Italy furnishings and accessories in preview
  3. Exclusive collections, designed specifically for Made in Italy design enthusiasts
  4. Prototypes and unique pieces
  5. DIY projects and digital products related to the world of Made in Italy design

[su_highlight background=”#46bee0″ color=”#ffffff”]Furthermore, we have a calendar of special promotions dedicated to our fans. Periodically, we will offer a Ulap design product and you can buy it on Etsy at discounted prices.[/su_highlight]

Right now you’ll find Yem, our bird feeder, with a 30% discount. The offer is timed: valid only until 1 June. Don’t miss it 😉

Discover products sale on our Made in Italy design Shop on Etsy!

Ulap design online: in addition to the shop on Etsy there is more

Our online communication strategy involves the use of various channels. In fact, we haven’t just opened the craft boutique on Etsy.

Here’s how and where you can find us online:

  • on our Blog, where you can find articles with advice and ideas on furniture, design history and updates on our business
  • on the Ulap design Instagram profile, where every day we share our workshop, our land … in short, here you will find all the images of the world of Ulap design
  • Facebook and LinkedIN, 2 other social networks where you can get in touch with us
Continue to be part of the Ulap design community

Do not forget to:

  1. Register for the Ulap Newsletter, guaranteeing discounts and exclusive news on the sector
  2. Add our Etsy Shop to your Favorites
  3. Follow us on social networks

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And don’t forget: if you need advice on furniture, design and Made in Italy, you will always find us here ready to answer you. Send us an email with your questions: we will publish the answers on the official Ulap design channels. We are waiting for you!

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