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Fall in love with Made in Italy design!

Today we'll tell you what means for us to design and make Made in Italy design objects. The story of a passion, which becomes love for our job. Discover how we produce Ulap furnishing accessories!

Made in Italy and design: the meeting between modern taste and craftsmanship

Ulap was founded in April 2017 in order to develop, produce and market Made in Italy design objects and furnishing accessories according to a production process that actively involves selected partners among the best craftsmen and companies of the Trentino Alto-Adige region, following a sustainable development process of the company.

A passion for high quality design, which led our founders – Cris and Andrea – to specialize and make Ulap the meeting point between contemporary taste and ancient craftsmanship. From there to the construction of a network of collaborators capable of promoting Italian quality in the world, the step was short.

Made in Italy and design: the meeting between modern taste and craftsmanship

Ulap mission: to produce quality designs

Ulap was born with the aim of designing a line of products whose sole purpose is to offer production flexibility, quality and efficiency, creating captivating user experiences.

How do we do it?

  • Preferring artisanal production, which allows us to check every single piece of our products by hand
  • Delegate the technological production part (which only accounts for a maximum of 10% of the entire production cycle) to partners selected among the best Italian companies
  • Keeping track – from the early design stages – of each element (economic, technical and functional) and thus safeguarding the feasibility of each production line
  • By calculating the carbon footprint of each product, with the aim of safeguarding our planet and reducing emissions
  • By choosing natural materials from safe/certified sources that respect the environment
  • Designing objects made to be easily assembled and installed, but also simple to dismantle and dispose of at the end of their life
  • Dedicating ourselves to an accurate testing phase – carried out on prototypes directly in the company – which precedes the placing on the market and the start of production

Quality first of all, therefore.

Ulap mission: to produce quality designs

The main pillar of a company policy based on the concepts of:

  1. design and production entirely Made in Italy
  2. attention to the environment
  3. project sustainability (reduction of waste, start of the production cycle only when a minimum number of orders is reached, production of limited series, etc.)
  4. creation of a virtuous production process, which aims at synergy with skilled craftsmen

Made in Italy products under the Ulap brand: love for quality design

The objects produced by Ulap are designed to be appealing, useful and fun for the public, respecting the environment and the cultures of the world in which we live.

This is why, along our path, we have met many customers who share a passion for design and love for Made in Italy. People sensitive to the modern charm of craftsmanship, who choose Ulap to give a touch of personality to their homes without giving up:

  • Quality of Made in Italy
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Captivating and fun aesthetics
Pirn Walnut is a Made in Italy wall light by Ulap design
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We are a design company based in Italy, but with a wandering heart. Every day we think of, design and create appealing objects with particular functions. Our goal is to make items of design that combine novelty with tradition, with a focus on slow design.

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