Ulap design website is online

Ulap design: proud to be online

From today, our website is available. Here you can find information and news on our Made in Italy design brand. And, by accessing the shop, you can buy our furniture and furnishing accessories at special prices. Are you ready? We are glad to introduce you Ulap design.

Ulap design: discovering the brand

Our company deals with designing, producing and selling Made in Italy design objects.

To do so, we have chosen our land as our headquarters: Trentino. In fact, we are located in the beautiful Valle di Ledro: a place where our love for nature benefits from the encounter between the waters of the lake, the silence of the woods and the embrace of the mountains.

A shared choice and desire by the two founders: Andrea and Cris, united in work and in private life, who gave life to Ulap by following some fundamental values:

  • Attention to the environment (through the selection of raw materials from safe and/or certified sources)
  • Reduction of waste and inventories (through a cyclical production system, which is activated on the basis of real requests from customers and/or retailers)
  • Valorisation of the know-how and artisan tradition of Trentino (thanks to the operational support provided by local partners) for the production of design objects that are desirable for the international market

How we work: producing Made in Italy is a responsible choice

Our objects are designed according to a clear policy. For us, [su_highlight background=”#46bee0″ color=”#ffffff”]design products must be captivating, useful and fun while respecting the environment and the cultures of the world in which we live[/su_highlight].

For this, we have focused everything on some pillars:

  1. Made in Italy – all our design objects are designed and produced entirely in Italy, in the Trentino Alto-Adige region, where the Ulap headquarters are located
  2. Environment – attention to the environment is found both in the choice of raw materials and in the reduction of inventories, as well as in the use of materials capable of enhancing technological and traditional processes.
  3. Sustainability – the whole project revolves around a virtuous production process, which reduces waste, minimizes environmental impact and encourages local development

Design Made in Italy under the Ulap brand: what do I really buy?

By purchasing our design objects you make a conscious choice linked to a current and sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, you guarantee the unique possibility of living an active and performing consumer experience.

Design Made in Italy under the Ulap brand: what do I really buy?

Choosing Ulap products means becoming part of our family. You will discover the scent of our land and it will be a little like sitting at the drawing board with our children, who accompany us in the development of Ulap.

Because our goal is to create and sell on the global market Made in Italy design products capable of combining the contemporary taste with the ancient artisan knowledge, creating a network of enthusiasts able to promote local quality in the world.

What you will find on our site

[su_highlight background=”#46bee0″ color=”#ffffff”]A window on the Made in Italy design world[/su_highlight], with a special focus on the Ulap brand.

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And do not forget: if you have questions and curiosity, you will always find us here ready to answer you. We are waiting for you!

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We are a design company based in Italy, but with a wandering heart. Every day we think of, design and create appealing objects with particular functions. Our goal is to make items of design that combine novelty with tradition, with a focus on slow design.

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