Yem is a Made in Italy bird feeder by Ulap design

Introducing Yem, the bird feeder by Ulap design

Today we present one of our most successful Made in Italy design products: Yem, a bird feeder with clean and modern lines, perfect for giving color and style to the exterior of your home.

Yem: the bird feeder by Ulap design

Yem is a Made in Italy and Eco-Friendly bird feeder that is attractive and functional. An outdoor item that is suitable for use in gardens and courtyards, but also on balconies, terraces, and in gazebos.

Yem in is easy to assemble and can also be placed in tight spaces. This bird feeder will impress you with its combination of metal and wood.

Yem is a Made in Italy bird feeder by Ulap design

Yem is designed for anyone who wants a bird feeder. Ideal for large open spaces such as gardens and parks, it is also ideal for smaller areas.

The versatility of this design object is the tripod support, which can be regulated to three different heights. This way, the bird feeder can also be placed on small balconies, attic terraces, gazebos and, why not, on patio tables and flower boxes.

Our advice is to set up Yem in a key point that is clearly visible to liven up the outdoor areas of houses, parks, schools and public gardens.

Yem Shy Blue is a Made in Italy bird feeder by Ulap design

Yem: how this Made in Italy design bird feeder is made

Andrea Pregl, Ulap designer, designed Yem with the purpose of creating a bird feeder that was practical and attractive.

Yem is produced in Italy by using environment friendly materials and non-toxic paint.

Yem, the bird feeder, is available in various colors:

  • raspberry red
  • shy blue
  • warm yellow
  • spring green

Dimensions (*adjustable height):

  • 35 x 25 x 120 cm max height*
  • 35 x 25 x 90 cm medium height*
  • 35 x 25 x 60 cm minimum height*

Weight: 2.850 kg

Yem Raspberry Red is a Made in Italy bird feeder by Ulap design

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