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How to furnish your home with style

Here are some tips to follow to furnish your home with style, without making mistakes. We have decided to share with you our experience in the world of design and Made in Italy to stand by you in the difficult task of choosing stylish furniture. Are you ready? Here we go!

Style and Furniture: the basics

If you are faced with the choice of furniture for your new home or with a makeover, don’t worry: follow our advice and you will not make mistakes. Before starting you need to know the basics and understand what it means to furnish with style.

According to Wikipedia, style is a manner of doing or presenting things.


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In terms of interior design, therefore, we can say that style is the aesthetic rule that you follow to choose your furniture. Since it is a sort of rule, style is characterized by a series of key elements that remain constant in each object or piece of furniture.

Hence the fundamental need is to adapt the style of furniture chosen to the personality of each person in order to obtain a final result of great impact and effectiveness. Curious to know how to do it? Here are our interior design tips for you.

The Secrets to Furnishing a Home with Style

Remember just 3 keywords:

  1. continuity
  2. details
  3. harmony
Tips and tricks on how to buy stylish furniture

The first aspect that you must consider if you want to furnish your home with style is to focus on continuity. A fundamental element to give harmony to home environments, without making gross mistakes.

How to maintain continuity in the style of your home?

  1. Identify the style that best suits your personality and your tastes
  2. Fix it as a rule for the choice of furniture, design objects, colors, fabrics and so on

Remember that if you respect these two simple points you will get a perfect final effect and the style of your furniture will be well recognizable in every room.

This is why it is necessary to consider a second fundamental aspect: details. Do not forget that every detail, even the smallest one, must respect the style you have chosen. Only in this way you’ll achieve the desired effect.

This, however, doesn’t mean that each piece of furniture must be designed according to the style you have chosen. In fact, the best solution is often to mix basic furnishings with furniture in style.

And it is only in this way that you will respect the third key element to effectively furnish the house: harmony, which must never be lacking, especially when the chosen style has rather obvious characteristics (take for example the boho style and its colors, or the shabby chic). In short, always be careful not to overdo it.

How to choose the style of your furniture

There are many styles in interior design: from classic to modern, passing to that classic contemporary or rustic, without forgetting the much-loved shabby chic, Nordic and Provencal.

So how to choose the style of furniture that best suits your personality?

Here are our tips:

  • make a list of blogs, forums and social profiles specialized in interior design and home decor
  • read the articles that talk about the various styles (you will soon find them here on our site) and create a list of the main features of each
  • select the styles of furniture you prefer (maximum 2)
  • at this point, you can buy a selection of the latest issues of interior design magazines
  • finally, browse some online galleries dedicated to the styles you have selected
  • at this point, you will have a complete picture and you can make your final choice
Yem Spring Green is a Made in Italy bird feeder by Ulap design

Now, all you have to do is spend shopping. Be careful, however, not to get carried away: buy only the furnishings you really need and do not forget the following 3 tips by Ulap design.

  1. Avoid extravagant furniture and accessories
  2. Never choose random interior colors
  3. Eliminate excess ornaments
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