Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

How to match colors – Ulap design furnishing tips

Here are some tips to follow to make your home stylish thanks to the right colors, without making mistakes. We have decided to share with you our experience in the world of design and Made in Italy furniture to stay close to you in the difficult task of choosing colors for your environments.

Color combinations and furnishings: let’s start from the basics

If you are struggling with the choice of colors to furnish your new home or with a makeover, don’t worry: follow our advice and you will not make mistakes. Before starting, it is necessary to start from the basics and understand what it means to furnish with style thanks to the choice of the right colors.

Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

On the subject of interior design, therefore, we can say that chromatic harmony is achieved by considering the color of all the materials, choosing the right combinations and the shades of colors that are best suited to the rooms of the house.

To achieve this it’s always better to avoid getting carried away only by emotions or personal tastes. In fact, it is preferable to consider some technical aspects related to color and furnishings.

It is not enough to adapt the color of the furniture to the personality of each one in order to obtain a final result of great impact and effectiveness. It is much better to understand how to define a color project for interior design and to adapt one’s tastes to the rules. Curious to know how to do it? Here are our interior design tips for you.

The chromatic project to furnish your home with style thanks to the choice of colors

When preparing the color scheme to furnish your home, or a specific space, you need to consider these aspects:

  1. the psychology of colors
  2. the influence of natural light on interior colors
  3. the ability of colors to modify our perception of volumes and spaces

Only after understanding these 3 points can you dedicate yourself to choosing the color palette to use for your interior design project.

The psychology of colors in furnishing

You may already know this, but there are numerous evidences of the influence of colors on our psyche. For this reason, it is important to know at least the basics before turning to the definition of an interior design color project.

Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

Here are some basic rules:

  • Warm colors (like red, orange and yellow) infuse energy, desire to be together and stimulate the appetite. For this reason they would be preferred in environments such as the kitchen and the dining/living area.
  • Cold colors (such as green, blue and purple) convey the feeling of relaxation and rest. Therefore, they are perfect for the sleeping area and the bathroom.
  • Neutral tones (like earths) refer to nature and give a sense of balance. For this reason they adapt to all the rooms of the house.
  • White, on the other hand, conveys calm, cleanliness and balance. It is no coincidence that it can be used to balance a color palette for interior design.
  • Black enhances color contrasts and colors. So it should be used for this purpose.
  • Finally, pure gray is a rather neutral color with little personality that is perfect for harmonizing colors.

The influence of natural light on the colors of the furnishings

As anticipated, natural light plays a fundamental role in the choice of colors for furnishing. In fact, it affects the way we perceive the colors themselves. Here are some tips to consider before defining the palette of colors for your home decor.

  • Never use dark and/or strong colors in poorly lit environments
  • In the north rooms, prefer warm colors with light tones
  • In the south rooms, always choose cold colors
  • In the rooms to the east, warm neutral tones are perfect
  • In the rooms to the west, instead, he opts for cold neutral colors

Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

How colors change our perception of volumes and interior spaces

Maybe you didn’t know that the choice of colors is fundamental because it helps us change the way we perceive the volumes and spaces of a home. So let’s take a brief look at the basic logic that you can follow when choosing the color palette for interior design:

  • Light colors make a narrow space seem larger and more spacious
  • The dark colors, on the contrary, make the big rooms more welcoming and less dispersive
  • Using a dark color on a high ceiling helps make us perceive it lower
  • If you want to shorten the length of a corridor you can paint the back wall with a contrasting color than the others
How to choose the color palette for your home decor

A color palette is a group of colors (usually 3) in harmony with each other, which you can use to design the furnishings of your home or a particular space.

The color palette for interior design consists of 3 colors:

  • dominant color 80%> to be used on large surfaces, such as floors, walls or ceilings
  • second color 15%> to be used for carpets, furniture, sofa coverings and so on
  • third color 5%> the most lively one, to be used for small objects and home decorations

Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

Methods to balance colors in interior design

Once you understand how the rules for defining a color scheme for your furniture work, it is time to define the color palette. To help you, we recommend using the Itten’s chromatic circle. A tool that allows you to quickly visualize colors, contrasting colors and those in harmony. If you do that, you will certainly succeed in giving your own style to your home thanks to the right colors.

Here is some ideas to choose the right colors to furnish your home with style

There are various ways to balance colors together (remember that you have to choose 3 for your palette). We present the main ones to you.

  • Tone on tone (choose a base color – the dominant one – and get complementary colors by adding or removing white and/or black)
  • Contrast (choose tints that are opposite to each other and that form an equilateral triangle on Itten’s chromatic disc, but be careful: if you opt for contrasts that are too vivid you risk getting an excessive result. So, be thrifty with this technique)
  • Harmony (those colors that are close together on Itten’s chromatic disc are harmonious. This allows you to get a palette of colors for the very gradual and delicate interior design)

Now that you know everything about choosing the right colors for furniture and combining them together, all you have to do is get to work on your interior design project.

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